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Energy Web Atlas: US Gas Processing / Pipelines Map (EWA/GP)

The Energy Web Atlas' US Gas Processing Plant / Pipelines (EWA/GP) map is a comprehensive source of data for hundreds of natural gas facilities and pipelines in the US. 

PE Outlook 2018

Drawing on expert commentary and forecasts from across the industry, and including contributions from chief executives, Wall Street analysts, oil ministers and thought-leaders, Outlook 2018 will offer you the definitive global view of energy markets, economics and politics in 2018. 

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Challenges and opportunities for equation-based hydrates prediction

Gas hydrates may form in any location where free gas, water, and the appropriate temperature and pressure exist, such as in natural gas production, transportation and processing systems.

Some Extra-Clean Breaks with Standard Practices

In recent weeks, some innovations in the area of fortifying the environment have been gaining attention and should make those in the industry, particularly those involved with gas distribution, feel good about what they do for a living.

INGAA’s Bruner Seeks Unity Within Natural Gas Industry

In electing Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company President Jeffrey Bruner as its chairman, the INGAA Board of Directors chose a true pipeline veteran in every sense of the word.

Surfactant contaminants in feed gas streams to amine units—The phantom foaming agent

Contamination in feed gas streams to processing plants is a leading cause of lost revenue, upsets and low throughput. More detailed testing shows that surfactants in the gas stream are among the most damaging contaminants affecting the process. Surfactants pose a number of challenges, such as foaming and emulsification. In the feed gas, surfactants may be the predominant cause of amine foaming leading to high H2S in the treated gas and amine solvent losses.


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